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Hareswith Goldens in the Show Ring

I started showing my mother’s dogs at Exemption and Open shows at around 11, gaining both success and experience in both. Then, in 1986 David and I bought our first Golden Retriever - Toby - accompanied by a Blue Merle Border Collie named Badger, with whom I did obedience. One day we all went to an exemption show for Badger’s obedience tests and I was persuaded to enter Toby in the show ring. On an ordinary collar and lead he won his class - then went Best in Show! After that I had some lessons in trimming and went on to win a class at an open show plus a 5th placing at a Championship show.

I then persuaded David we should increase our family and looked for a breeder who was successful in the show ring. Fern (Sansue Flairs Astra of Hareswith) joined our family in 1992. At the age of 6 months and 6 days she was placed second in minor puppy bitch at Manchester Championship Show. What I didn’t realise at the time was that qualified her for Crufts! All through her puppy career only once did she not achieve a placing. Through out the rest of her life she was consistently placed at most shows

Sadly we lost Toby at about the same time at the very tender age of 6 to cancer, and David reverted to his breeder for a replacement. Chester arrived in the spring of 1993 and I started taking him to shows with Fern where he was placed quite well at Championship level, gaining a number of first and Best Puppy awards. Then came Northern Golden Retriever Assn. Championship Show. He won Minor Puppy and Puppy dog then went on to beat the bitch for Best Puppy in Show! He was a constant winner until I retired him when Grace and Velvet started showing.

Heidi joined our family with the anticipation of being my foundation bitch. She loves showing, gaining a list of first placings. Like Fern and Chester before her, she qualified for Crufts as a puppy and has gone on to achieve a number of first placings, adding to the rosettes in our house.

Toby and Badger Toby Fern Fern Bitterwell Sunny Delight of Hareswith Rikita Octavia of Hareswith

Like her mother, Grace’s list of wins is constantly growing. At her first Championship show she secured a 4th in minor puppy and a 6th in Maiden. The second, South Western Golden Retriever Club she came 2nd in Minor Puppy and 4th in Maiden, qualifying her for Crufts. She constantly achieves placings, gaining a first at National Gundog Championship Show.

Showing Hareswith Golden Retrievers at Crufts

Velvet, not to be outdone by anyone is also regularly placed at both Open and Championship Shows. She qualified for Crufts by coming second in Puppy at Southern Counties Championship Show. The summer of 2000 found her the only one of mine with a coat. Grace was raising her litter and Heidi was waiting for hers to arrive. So it was just Velvet and me! She did not disappoint me as she was placed at both Championships Shows and came first in her class at an Open Show, before she too lost her coat.

Hareswith Academy Award

When this photo was taken Little Hazel was only just old enough to go to shows and had attended her first Championship Show and an Open Show, where she was placed 3rd in Minor Puppy Stakes. She is doing very well now being well placed in most of her shows

Hareswith Delightful

Have a look at some of our results in the show ring since we moved to France.

Hareswith Golden Retrievers in the show ring