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Hareswith Golden Retrievers

      & Kooikerhondje

The Home of English Goldens in France

Sensifi's Atlantica Fire and Ice, the first Kooikerhondje. (Fizz) Rikita Octavia of Hareswith - the founder of Hareswith Golden Retrievers Kooikerhondje

All the Hareswith Golden Retrievers in one place

Some, but not all, of the Hareswith Golden Retrievers

Heidi was my foundation bitch  - ‘Rikita Octavia of Hareswith

23/02/1995 – 06/11/2006

Very sadly on the 6th November 2006, we had to say goodbye to my lovely Heidi.

We all miss her so much and I will always be very grateful to her for being in my life.

Rikita Octavia of Hareswith (my Heidi)

Sable (Vanity Fair Sable de Hareswith) is Grace's daughter, and niece to Velvet She is also sometimes called Naughty Girl!


Beauchasseur Chantilly Lace (Lace) joined us a week before Clover.  She is here to introduce new blood into my lines.  

Amilone The Laird to Hareswith (The Laird) joined us in September 2008 from the Amilone kennel in England.

Thyme, or Eternal Thyme de Hareswith, is the first puppy we have kept that is out of a home bred bitch (Sable) by a home bred dog (Dickens)


Woody, or to give him his posh name, Goodwood goes to Hareswith of Clan Buchanan, joined the family from the “Of Clan Buchanan” kennel.

Flora  or Grandiflora de Hareswith, is the 5th generation Hareswith, coming directly down from Heidi, through Grace, Hazel, Rowan and Clover.

Cloverdale Jewel de Hareswith (Clover) is the long awaited daughter of Rowan and is the fourth generation of Hareswith Golden Retrievers. Sadly, Heidi did not live long enough to see her.

Goodwood goes to Hareswith of Clan Buchanan

Grandiflora de Hareswith (Flora_e)
Jingle, or Jingle Bells de Hareswith, is 6th generation Hareswith, descending from Heidi, through Grace, Hazel, Rowan, Clover and Flora.
Magical Peace de Hareswith
Bojangels My Hope comes to Hareswith
Hope or Bojangels My Hope Comes to Hareswith, is the granddaughter of Laird and Bluebell de Hareswith.
Nutkin runs to Hareswith of Clan Buchanan
Nutkin runs to Hareswith of Clan Buchanan (Nutkin) is the grand daughter of The Laird and Lace.