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Hareswith Golden Retrievers

      & Kooikerhondje

The Home of English Goldens in France

Sensifi's Atlantica Fire and Ice, the first Kooikerhondje. (Fizz) Rikita Octavia of Hareswith - the founder of Hareswith Golden Retrievers Kooikerhondje

Old Hareswith Friends

This page is dedicated to the memory of members of our family who can no longer be with us.

One of the down sides to a family like ours is that - in human terms - time together is rather short. So it is important to enjoy that time, and that’s what we try to do.

Whilst these old friends are no longer with us in physical terms they are constantly in our thoughts as we have such fond memories of each of them.

Toby and Badger were the first two dogs David and I had. They were born 2 days apart, and joined us the same day! We had lots of fun with them both, and they were inseparable - always getting up to mischief together! We lost Toby just before he was 7 to cancer and Badger lived another 3 years leaving us quietly in my arms

Badger and I had lots of fun together. In the early years we tried lots of different activities. Here you can see us having a go at agility. Being a Collie Badger was particularly good at this. David would say Badger barked in excitement all the way round the circuit. I guess I too must have been having fun - because I never heard him!

Toby always was David’s dog. No matter that I did every thing for him - such as feeding and brushing. Whenever David would come home from work Toby would stay by his side! They often went off together. In fact it was Toby who first went shooting with his dad. However they did not get invited back again - Toby decided to cut out the middle man, catching a pheasant BEFORE it was shot!

Fern was delightful. She was also a monkey always up to mischief! We spent hours together at shows up and down the country and when she qualified for Crufts I was the happiest person alive! Once she got used to new additions she would take them under her wing - showing them the ‘ropes’! Unlike most Goldens she was hesitant in going into water. In fact you could tell when a cold spell was approaching as she would simply stand on the water’s edge watching the others!

Toby and Badger Toby and Badger Badger at agility Badger at agility Toby Toby Fern and Chester Fern

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Bitterwell Sunny Delight of Hareswith (Chester)

Chester, or Bitterwell Sunny Delight of Hareswith was David’s old friend
19/01/1993 - 03/07/2007

Heidi was my foundation bitch  -Rikita Octavia of Hareswith

23/02/1995 – 06/11/2006

Very sadly on the 6th November 2006, we had to say goodbye to my lovely Heidi.

We all miss her so much and I will always be very grateful to her for being in my life.

Rikita Octavia of Hareswith (my Heidi)

Grace or Hareswith Amazing Grace was from the first litter Goldens I breed, greatly loved and greatly missed. As a tribute to her lasting love I have left the story of  one of her litters for us all to enjoy.
12/07/1997 - 10/05/2011

Dickens, or Up To Charles Dickens de Hareswith was from the first litter we bred here in France - and father to many puppies - sadly too short a time with us
02/12/2003 - 10/01/2011

Up to Chrales Dickens de Hareswith Hareswith Amazing Grace

Hazel - or Hareswith Delighful was the daughter of Grace and Grand Daughter to Heidi a truly delightful girl in every sense of the word.

05/06/2000 - 22/09/2011

Velvet or Hareswith Academy Award, was the last from the first litter of Heidi’s and also the last of the gang we brought with us from the UK. Her presence is still felt around the house and I think always will.

Sleep well my last Charlies Angel.

12/07/1997 - 09/05/2012

Sleep well my last Charlies Angel.

Rowan or Under The Rowan Tree de Hareswith, was the from the first litter born in France.
After Rowan retired, she went to live with my sister, where I was able to see her regularly. She always greeted me with a soft toy in her mouth.
I was able to be with her at the end.
02/12/2003 - 30/04/2015