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Hareswith Delightful
Hareswith Delighful (Hazel) (05/06/2000 - 22/09/2011)

Hareswith Delightful - or Hazel to her friends was the next member of our family. She was born in June 2000. Mum was Grace - Dad Gillbyran Water Bailiff.

Hareswith Delightful

She was a bundle of love - and had stolen David’s heart - even if she did have a fondness for flower pots!!

At her debut show - LKA - she was unplaced, but behaved very well for only 6 months. In her second show she came third in minor puppy stakes.

Hareswith Delightful (Hazel) Hareswith Delightful (Hazel)

I felt Hazel would take after her Grandmother, Heidi in temperament. Certainly at only 4 months she wanted to help-out with her grandmother’s last litter. Mind you as this photo shows so did everyone else!

We were really pleased with the way Hazel  developed. As you can see from this photo she was very beautiful - mind you she was still very playful, loving nothing more than going for long walks with her mum and grandmother.

Hareswith Delightful (Hazel)

Hazel was such a gawky teenager I was embarrassed to put any photos of her on her page, but now as you can see from this photo of her, she turned out to be a real stunner.

Hazel produced her first litter a few months after we moved to France in 2003, taking 13 hours to give birth to 14 puppies. We lost 2 and three days later she had mastitis. Grace, her mum, produced milk and helped Hazel feed and look after the pups. From this litter we kept Rowan and Dickens.

Some of Hazel's puppies

After such a big litter Hazel has decided that small is good. Her next litter was 1 girl and 1 boy! The next, 3 girls 1 boy.

One of the girls Bluebell de Hareswith, living at Bojangles has done very well in the show ring, gaining Reserve Best Puppy in Show at 7 months and also BOB at just 9 months.

Her last litter she ended up with 2 girls and 2 boys. Hazel had now retired from having puppies and had decided to become a doting grandmother to Clover.

Hazel had been to some shows in France and had done well, judges have thought highly of her but that elusive first has still not arrived. She had always been given excellents and 2 RCACS.

Pedigree of Hareswith Delightful (Hazel)

Hazel’s Pedigree

Going into veteran classes after Hazel turned 1O, she excelled!

At the Regional retriever club show, she won her first first and beat the male to be Best Veteran! 2 days later she went into hospital to have 2 lumps removed. One was benign and the other was not. Preparing her for the Brive show, I felt the lump returning. Along with Laird and Lace, she won her class and beat the male, who was a Champion to become Best Veteran. In the Ring of Honour, she strutted her stuff to win 3rd Best Veteran in Show.

A fitting swan song for her as it was her last show before she died, just over a month later.

Hazel or Granny Panda lost her battle against cancer at 11 years and 3 months. She loved life and enjoyed her outings to the shows.

At the Regional Elevage, in June, she won her class. Her first first. The judge said about her  “Lovely type, lovely head and expression. Good pigment. Correct shoulders, level top line which she had on the move. Nice powerful back end, very short coupled, moved very accurately. She can show all the youngsters how to move. Lovely old girl”.

2 days later she had 2 lumps removed from her front. One was a fatty lump the other a tumour. The vet hoped they had got it all out but when I was bathing her for the show in Brive 2 months later I felt a small lump. It had returned.

At the show, Hazel won her class and then went on to beat the veteran dog, who was a champion. In the big ring, Hazel won 3rd Best in Show Veteran. She loved strutting her stuff round the ring. A wonderful swan song for her.

Hazel didn t live long enough to know Flora, her great grand daughter.

Hazel’s Life