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Grandiflora de Hareswith (Flora)

Flora is the 5th generation Hareswith, coming directly down from Heidi, through Grace, Hazel, Rowan and Clover.

Laird is her dad and she does take after him.

Flora adores retrieving even if she does not like coming straight back to me. Flora is very calm in the show ring and moves beautifully and does not fidget when stood.

She went with Woody to take her A and TAN. With the retrieves on land,

Flora decided to do what Woody did and go rushing around the field before returning.

The retrieve from water was perfect and the retrieval of the pigeon, a fresh one since Woody got hungry, was retrieved beautifully with not a feather out of place. High hopes for the A.

However, the judge said that although the rest of the test was excellent, he could not forgive her running around the field and awarded her the TAN.

Never mind, better luck next year!

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Flora’s Pedigree

Flora relaxing with Sooty

Flora at 10 weeks

Flora at 5 months

Flora at 2 years

Flora’s first Christmas