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It is with regret I have to inform you two puppies did not live longer than 48 hours. Clearly there was a problem with their breathing, and as such there was nothing the vet could do for either. Both slipped away quietly in David’s arms.

However, as sad as this may be, we have nine very well, strong puppies as these pictures will tell!! With each passing day they are getting stronger and stronger.

At under a week old some people have already learnt to be piggies!!!

At 4 days old there’s not much to do except visit the milk bar!!

After the milk-bar - what else shall we do - I know let’s have a kip - altogether ’though - so I feel safe!!

Can you see how their pigment is already turning from the pink of newly born to a nice dark black colour. Try looking at their little noses and toes!

Click here for the week two update

The Hareswith Golden Retrievers puppies’ story

Enjoy the pictures!!

Now that’s what I call a happy, contented family. All full up and sleeping, with Mum taking a well earned rest!!

Golden Retriever puppies feeding More Golden Retriever puppies feeding Golden Retriever puppies sleeping Mum and her Golden Retriever puppies resting