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The Hareswith Golden Retrievers puppies’ first week

After a seemingly long time (well it was for Grace!!) the day finally arrived!! Exactly nine weeks to the day Grace decided she was going to give birth. For a change she also thought she would be kind to me and have her babies during the day. This is most unusual for my lot - as they normally keep me up all night!!

Anyway on this page I will keep a record of Grace’s litter as they grow up in their first few weeks. I hope you enjoy the story as it unfolds!!

Poor Grace!! This was taken the day before birth. She was trying out the whelping box for size. By the look of her she was feeling very sorry for herself!

On the 14th March whelping started at 3 pm and all went smoothly. Puppies ranging from 11 - 15 ozs just kept coming at regular 1/2 hour intervals until around 9 pm we had eleven very happy & contented puppies - 7 little boys and 4 little girls!!

This photo was taken about 10 minutes after the last was born and just before Grace went in to check them out.

A little while later Grace was carrying out her duties as a caring mum!! - Mind you she wanted to have her porridge first!! Notice how they are all being kept warm by the infrared lamp. It’s very important to keep puppies warm in the early days.

Some 36 hours later we can see Grace is very contented with her puppies and they are feeding well.

If you count very carefully see if you can find all eleven - they’re in there somewhere!!

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Just one photo of one of the most gorgeous looking 36 hour old puppies ever born!!

Grace waiting to have her puppies 11 wonderful Golden Retriever puppies Mum cleaning her Golden Retriver puppies for the first time Mun and puppies having a rest A gorgeous Golden Retriever puppy