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Hareswith Golden Retrievers

      & Kooikerhondje

The Home of English Goldens in France

Sensifi's Atlantica Fire and Ice, the first Kooikerhondje. (Fizz) Rikita Octavia of Hareswith - the founder of Hareswith Golden Retrievers
If you would like to find out more about this adorable breed then click the link below.

Fr CH Sensifi’s Atlantica Fire and Ice (Fizz)

I decided in 2012, that I would like to get another breed, as well as the the Goldens. But which one? It had to be in Group 8 but not one of the other retrievers. I looked at the list and saw Kooikerhondje!  After looking into the breed further, that was the one. I contacted a breeder in UK, but looking at her show results, decided that she was not the one for me. There are not many Kooiker breeders that have websites, so at the next Championnat de France in Metz, I was able to speak to various people and see these delightful little dogs in the flesh. The lady that had the Best of Breed came from Holland with an adorable bitch called Twink. She was going to breed with her later on and was happy for me to have a puppy. I had to wait over a year before Twink came into season and then wait to see what she had. Inge was going to use a dog that I had admired before, Nemo, they promised to be good looking pups. On the 23rd September 2013, Twink gave birth to 3 boys and 1 girl. 8 weeks later, I made the trip to Holland to collect her. I was in love!! She was gorgeous. Her pedigree name is Sensifi’s Atlantica Fire and Ice and I named her Fizz. Before collecting Fizz, she had a blood test for the 2 nasties that Kooikers can get, which is von Willebrands disease and Necrotising Myelopathy (ENM), she was clear of both, as are her parents.
Fizz at 1 day
Fizz at 7 weeks
Fizz at 5 months
Limoges was her first show and although the only one, strutted her stuff and was awarded Très Prometteur and Best Puppy. Into the Ring D’Honneur for Best Puppy in show. Fizz trotted around the ring quite happily but was not placed. The next show was Chateauroux, exactly the same thing happened. The Championnat de France was next and again all alone, gained Très Prometteur and Best Puppy.
Off we went to Cressat show. This time in Junior. 1st Excellent, Best Junior, Best of Breed. In the Ring D’Honneur for Best Junior in Group, I was delighted that she was 2nd in the Junior Group. Fizz had finally beaten another dog!! After that came Brive, this time Fizz was Best Junior, Best of Breed and 3rd in the Junior Group. Fizz did the same at Romorantin show.
Fizz at 7 months
Fizz winning 3rd in Junior Group
at Romorantin
Fortunately, Fizz really enjoys going to shows and meeting people and seeing different dogs.
Fizz with some of her cups