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Ch Amilone The Laird to Hareswith – or The Laird to his friends – is a successful Golden Retriever stud dog, living just north of Limoges with the Hareswith family of Golden Retrievers.

He is very virile having produced many fine litters of Golden Retrievers, all taking after him in character – gentle, loving and fun giving.

He lives to please, loves children, makes a wonderful addition to the family and above all is a gentle giant.

In the show ring he has always succeeded in being highly placed.
So far he secured :

1 Best in Show (All retriever show)

1 Reserve Best in Show (All breeds)

1 3rd Best in Show (All breeds)

4 Best in Group

5 Best of Breed

1 CACIB (Monaco)

1 CACIB (Belgium)



1 CACM (Monaco)



His hip score is perfect at A/A with elbows scoring another perfect at 0/0.

He has a current clear eye certificate. He is hereditary clear of GR_PRA1

The Laird has also passed his T.A.N., epreuve A and epreuve B

You can see photos and read his story by visiting his page

If you would like to know if Amilone The Laird to Hareswith would be available to sire your next litter of Golden Retrievers please contact his mum on 0555713007

Laird’s Pedigree

Pedigree of Amilone The Laird to Hareswith (The Laird)